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Antarctic Ice Thicker Than First Thought – New Study

A robotic expedition has revealed that the ice in the antarctic is thicker than previously thought. Scientists from the UK, USA and Australia have carried out two expeditions ( because someone left their iPhone charger behind on the first ) and have concluded that the ice is thicker than we first thought.

A spokesman from the expedition told us “yeah it’s pretty thick ice, we sent a robot down underneath the ice and we spent all day pissing about on it in a Landrover, we did some proper stupid shit and it didn’t break or crack at all”.

What exactly this means for the environment we’re not sure but in the short term it’s thought that the government can no longer make shit up about polar bears being stranded on inflatable lilos and thus no longer have a valid reason to levy a £500 per year road tax on cars with engines bigger than a food blender.