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Argentina Thinks Jeremy Clarkson Is A Dick

Argentina has today been diagnosed as narcissistic. The country has shown signs of narcissism for some time but the recent fiasco over the country taking offence at a car registration plate H982 FKL used by the BBC Top Gear team has been the final piece of the jigsaw.

Despite an assurance from the BBC that the registration plate made no intentional reference to the Falklands conflict, Argentinian ambassador¬†Alicia Castro has said that the response was inadequate. Rumour has it that the BBC intend to send another assurance but they are going to put it on some really nice My Little Pony headed paper and also include some shortbread as a gift. It’s also been suggested that they send a helium balloon with a smiley face.

We understand that the Argentinian ambassador has also recently written to retail giant ASDA to express her displeasure as she believes that the store name is an acronym for Another Slap in the Dick Argentina!

Presenter and regular church goer Jeremy Clarkson was unavailable for comment however a spokesperson emailed us to say “Mr Clarkson is very sorry for (INSERT OFFENCE HERE), he realises that he’s a twat and assures you that he’s a huge fan of (INSERT INTEREST HERE), rest assured he will spend the rest of his days thinking hard about what he has done. Blah blah blah.”

The foreign office has so far remained silent over the issue although our political correspondent Bill Withers seems to think that they won’t give a frogs fat arse about the whole thing.

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