British Formula 1 Grand Prix Returns to St Helens for 2013 Season

British Formula 1 Grand Prix Returns to St Helens for 2013 Season


Bernie Ecclestone yesterday confirmed that the 2013 British Formula 1 Grand Prix will return to St Helens. The prestigious event will transfer from its current home at Silverstone for the first time in almost 20 years. At a press conference also attended by several drivers yesterday, Ecclestone, who has just celebrated his 100th birthday said “It’s about time the British Grand Prix had a circuit and venue to match the glitz and glamour of Monaco, only St Helens is capable of hosting such an event, the infrastructure’s here and they have shown they can pull off major events with the runaway success of the annual St Helens Show.”

The circuit is yet to be finalised, but Ecclestone said that the course will include the world famous high speed St

Imagine F1 cars twatting along the link road

Helens linkway straight. “Can you imagine Formula 1 cars twatting along at 200 miles an hour under that bridge they built for golf trolleys? It’s something special that Formula 1 fans from around the world have been clamouring to see again.”

The location of the pit lanes is still under discussion, but Ecclestone is said to favour a radical new format in which teams pits are spread around the circuit, “I envisage the town’s hand car washes being used as pits for the event” he said “there’s one in Thatto Heath near the Springfield hairpin, one next to the Hospital at Peasley Chicane, but obviously top teams such as Mclaren and Ferrari will argue that they deserve the more advanced, spacious pit area on Clock Face Straight.”

Sebastian Vettel expressed his delight at Motor Racing’s blue riband event returning to the borough “My grandfather knew the town very well and often told me how he used to the love the area, mainly from 30,000 feet up in a Heinkel Bomber during the war.”