Charlie Sheen To Open A Bar In St Helens

Charlie Sheen To Open A Bar In St Helens


Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen is to open a bar in St Helens in an exclusive interview with SHCN. The actor, who is originally from Earlestown says he saw a gap in the market; “I was sat with Bree (Olson) in my front room in my LA home, we had both sat down to watch Granada Reports with a cup of tea when it hit me like a shot in the arm!” he went on, “I was watching a news report about the booming town centre and how the whole place was really excited about the new Hungry Horse opening up opposite Polar Ford and I just thought I want a piece of the action!”

“Myself and Bree brainstormed for a while and came up with an idea that nobody else does in the area, instead of selling alcohol we’re going to just sell coke! Bree thought it was a great idea, I mean who doesn’t like coke?Winning!”

The new bar Charlie & Coke hopes to be opening up in the current WH Smiths building when they eventually do a runner from the town centre.

SHCN went to the streets of the town centre to ask passers by what they thought of the new bar, one said “I’m made up, it’s about time the alcoholism in the town was tackled and I can’t think of a better way than to just sell coke instead!” Another said “another winning idea from Charlie!” Charlie & Coke are hoping to have a grand opening early in March with a special ‘live show ‘ from Bree, although the exact details of this are not yet known.

An SHCN Exclusive By Matthew Jones