Chemist Finally Cracks Slime Recipe

Chemist Finally Cracks Slime Recipe

Green Slime

Green SlimeA St Helens Chemist Peter Soloman Mines has finally after 36 years cracked the recipe for ‘slime’. Popular with children in 1976 slime quickly became the top selling toy. Sadly however, if accidentally dropped the slime would pick up contaminants and would quickly lose it’s consistency rendering the substance useless. Children all over the UK used to live in hope of finding the recipe to make their own glorious and endless supply of slime.

That is how Peters fascination started, he told SHCN about his lifelong obsession. “In 1976 I lived on New St, my friends and I all had slime from Zodiac Toys behind Fine Fare, it was fantastic, It had it’s own unique smell and felt as cold as a corpse to touch. After just a few days however it lost it’s initial loveliness, it became less fluid and even reduced in mass if it was out of it’s sealed container for too long. I used to dream of making my own slime, I pondered its composition for hours each day. Initially my early experiments were fuelled by suggestions from one of my peers who claimed that his Uncle had made some slime from fairy washing up liquid and flour, This seemed reasonable to me at the time as I was only eight years old.”


He went on to say “I failed for years as I tried out various ingredients in different quantities, When other boys reached puberty and discovered masturbation I discovered that Copydex wasn’t one of the ingredients. Later on when my friends discovered Embassy No 6 and Skol, I discovered that there were no frogs in the original product of the 1970s.”

Peters obsession continued throughout high school and then through University. “I graduated as a Chemist in 1993 and found employment in a laboratory, I had access to many different substances some of which were strictly controlled. Now finally after 36 years, 1 divorce, 1 severed finger, 3 small explosions and a toxic poisoning scare I’ve finally cracked it.”

Guar Gum

Peter was unwilling to share the exact ingredients with us but he did impart that there was a bit of Guar Gum in there somewhere.

Peter is now waiting to appear on Dragons Den in order to secure funding, He told us “Peter Jones seems a slimey kind of guy so I’m hoping to appeal to him”

SHCN wishes Peter all the best.