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Chris Evans pays £14 Million for a Bus

chris evans
Millionaire petrol head Chris Evans

Millionaire DJ Chris Evans has bought a bus from the St Helens Transport Museum for a reported 14 million pounds! It was during a visit to the museum last week that evans spotted the bus a Leyland PD2/47 and immediately had to have it. Staff told Evans that it wasn’t for sale and it was then that Evans started to up his offer. A member of staff told SHCN “Evans started at £5000, I told him it wasn’t for sale, he then started firing figures at me, one each second, at first he was going up in tens of thousands but he soon reached a million, at this point I rang our trustees and all the while Evans was still increasing his bid. When he reached £14 million he paused to take a breath and at that point the chairman of the trustees said to me, tell him he can have it.”

Leyland bus sold for £14 million
photo courtesy of Tf91

It’s believed Evans who earns shit loads whipped out an American Express Black card and started to jump up and down in excitement. “He asked me if he could drive it home, I began to explain that the vehicle would need recommissioning properly but he didn’t listen, He jumped in, started the thing up and waved at us frantically to open the doors then off he went.”

Evans from Orford in Warrington has left his Ferrari California 250GT on the pay and display Car Park opposite the walk in centre.

It is thought however that he will pick it up at some point as that too is worth a reported £13 million.