CSI St Helens – New TV Series Planned

CSI St Helens – New TV Series Planned

CSI St Helens

SHCN have been informed that the blockbuster CSI TV drama is planning CSI St Helens. It is thought filming could start early 2015.

We spoke to the producers of the show from their offices in LA. They told us “We’re very excited about the new series, we’ve got a script together and have looked at some filming locations around the town, you’ve so many shit holes that we’re spoilt for choice really. We’re experiencing some problems though with story lines as it seems that nobody in the town has dental records. Our UV lights show some serious stainage though!

The first few episodes are ready to be filmed and have some exciting content. Here is the episode guide:

  • Buy One Get One Free
  • World Of Glassing
  • Behind The Natwest
  • Parking Fine At The Range
  • The Colour Purple
  • One Bin Too Many

Local funnyman and all round legend, Johnny Vegas has been offered a lead role in the show but it’s understood that Johnny has turned it down, We spoke to Johnny who is currently holidaying on his yacht at Carr Mill, he told us, It’s an American show, look what happened to Ricky Gervais when he started to to flirt with America, no thanks, not my bag.