Eccleston Man ‘Full of Shit’ Claim Friends

Eccleston Man ‘Full of Shit’ Claim Friends

eccleston man full of lies
eccleston man full of lies
Sherdley golf course where Moore claims to have had two consecutive holes in one!

A man was yesterday accused of being ‘full of shit’ by several of his friends.

The men claim that Barry Moore, 33 of Shitcreek Drive, Eccleston is a Walter Mitty type character who uses tall stories and exaggerates his meetings with celebrities, his sexual prowess and his sporting glories to make himself look good.

Tim Boreen sent a text to multiple friends yesterday stating that ‘Baz is up to his old tricks again, he told me in the Gerrard on Sunday affy that he’d pulled a pair of dead fit Polish order pickers from work and rattled them both in the ambient section of the warehouse!’

Scott Free replied saying ‘That’s fuck all, he told me got he two consecutive hole-in-ones at Sherdley Golf Course last week, but noone saw it because it was too dark.’

Other claims that Moore has made and been placed in doubt by his friends include:

That his Dad saved Nigel Mansell’s life while marshalling at Silverstone and that Mansell sends him a box of cigars every year for Christmas.

That his Renault Megane 1.6L has been re-mapped to 900 bhp but he can’t drive it too fast cos ‘it will literally rip the clutch to bits.’

That he owns 14 buy-to-let properties around St Helens and doesn’t really have to work as a forklift truck driver, but does so simply because it allows him to meet dead fit Eastern European female co-workers.

That he once beat Jimmy White at Snooker with a 136 break.

That he once caught a 95-pound Mirror Carp in Pilk’s Head Office pond whilst night fishing.

That he once found a rat in his Fried Chicken at a late night eaterie in St Helens.

We called Mr Moore for a comment but he told us to cunt off.