Fears Grow Over White Dog Shit Abuse

Fears Grow Over White Dog Shit Abuse

white dog shit

white dog shitWhite dogshit has become the drug of choice for youngsters in the town. Having sedative and hallucinogenic properties the youths of St Helens are shunning traditional recreational drugs like Skunk and E for the ‘White truffle’ which is becoming increasingly hard to find because of its new status.

The white dogshit can either be smoked or snorted and is becoming an increasing problem for residents around St Helens “They just dont care where they do it, you see them on the ground sniffing up the white flakey stuff off the pavement in the parks with rolled up bank notes”

Dog Eggs

Police Seargent Cliff Richard told SHCN “Our officers are taking this very seriously and we are working with residents to educate the youngsters of the dangers of sniffing and smoking dogshit.”

Street names for the drug are : White truffle; Dog eggs and K9. Apart from it being a nuisance to residents, sniffing dogturds can allow dogworms to infest the mouths and noses of addicts which is not a pretty sight, other side effects are Canker and Mange. It has been a mystery as to why white dogshit has been disappearing from the pavements of St Helens, “I think we finally have the answer” said a spokesman for the Council.

By Jimmy Savlon