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Game Of Thrones Blamed For Surge in Ridiculous Baby Names

The registry office have today issued a plea asking new parents to reconsider naming their newborns after characters from Game Of Thrones. A spokesman for the department told us “2014 has seen a surge in children named, Joffrey, Tyrion, Eddard, and Cersei, god help these children when they’re old enough to open a Facebook account, whilst these names may be suitable for a horny royal or a sociopathic inbred bastard, they aren’t all that suitable for someone that may grow up to be an accountant, truck driver or a hairdresser.”

Reports show that before the release of Game Of Thrones, baby names had started to become more traditional with babies being named Emily, Jacob, Oilver and Sophie, “We’d gone through the stupid stage of Chardonnay and Courtney ( often pronounced locally as Coutrtneh ) but this new trend is even worse than before.”

St Helens based Psychologist and game show host Bruce Forsyth forecasts that there will be an increase in deed pole applications in 20 years time. He goes on to suggest that instead of inflicting your love of a fictional story upon your child, why not buy a fish or hamster and call it what you like?