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Haydock Amateur Dramatics New Production About North Korea

Haydock Amateur Dramatics society have today announced a new production based around North Korea. The announcement comes just hours after Sony Pictures pulled the release of their movie ‘The Interview’ amid fears that their computers were hacked by terrorists.

A spokesman for the Society told our reporter “We’re planning a production which follows the story of 5 Yickers travelling to North Korea to kick the fuck out of Kim Jong Un. We’re not pulling any punches on this, Sony are pussies, We’re happy for anyone to hack us, they’re not going to find any bitching emails about Brad Pitts bird on our computer, in fact all that’s on there is Candy Crush and my wife’s CV from 1994.”

The production which is currently using the working title “Jong Un, stop being a twat” will start showing towards the end of March at The Haydock Working Mens Club. It’s expected to be a sell out faster than their last production “How To Train Your Yicker”.

We contacted St Helens Arts Council for their initial thoughts on the project, a spokesperson said “Haydock? never heard of it, is it near Tesco?” Intelligence sources say that Kim Jong Un is thought to be really cross and hasn’t eaten his tea.