Laurence Llewelyn Bowen Is Really Pissed Off With Met Office

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen Is Really Pissed Off With Met Office

Llewelyn Bowen Christmas thingy

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen the famous designer and horse impersonator has responded to the recent outrage about the Christmas Experience that he has designed known as The Magical Journey.

Crap Presents

Bowen, the designer for the event spoke to us whilst trotting around like a dressage pony in a purple suit with lace cuffs. He told SHCN “We opened the attraction over the weekend but the bloody weather has been shit, I’ll be having a word with the Met office let me tell you” he continued “The rain over the past few days has washed away over 1000 reindeer, a full replica of the North Pole and over a million really good presents, luckily the crap presents and all the shit stuff were unaffected, I wish you’d have seen it before the rain came, it was bob on, honest!”

Horse Shit

Trading standards have been inundated with complaints from parents who have spent £20 to see what is billed as the best Christmas attraction in the UK but were disappointed to see a white garden shed, some spray snow and a couple of elves smoking behind a tent. A spokesman for the department of christmas complaints commented “We’re more used to people calling us saying that Bowen has made a mess of their drawing room. This new venture of his is a mystery to us, that said, in fairness to the bloke, what do people expect for £20, fucking Disneyland?”