Long Standing Feud Between St Helens And Wigan To Be Settled With...

Long Standing Feud Between St Helens And Wigan To Be Settled With A Wrestling Match

St Helens and Wigan Match

The long standing feud between industrial town rivals St Helens & Wigan is to be settled with a wrestling match SHCN has found out in an exclusive scoop.

Both towns were unable to arrive at an amicable solution to their long standing hatred of each other so have decided on a wrestling match to settle their scores.

The feud is thought to have started over 1500 years ago when the 2 towns went to war over who owned Billinge, St Helens came out as winners of that battle with the help of Attila The Hun who was on holiday in the area at the time.

St Helens councillor Mike Oxbig has already stated that the town has approached the WWE to see if they can get some coaching expertise from the likes of The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. So far Johnny Vegas and Russel Crowe who recently re located to Haydock are thought to be in line to represent St Helens under the team name Banzai Piledrivers.

The match is scheduled to take place on Billinge Hill (site of the original battle) in June, tickets priced at £2.

SHCN took to the streets of Billinge to find the current mood over the fight for control of the village.
Resident Rick Jones said “I couldn’t give 2 shits who wins, both towns are shite anyway.”

Whilst another resident Rex Hunt said he will be supporting Wigan as apparently “they have a better recycling policy.”

Wigan are yet to confirm who will tag team with their first choice Warwick Davies in the match.

A SHCN exclusive my Matthew Jones