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Monty The Penguin Under Investigation

Monty the penguin, star of the recent advertisement for John Lewis is at the centre of an investigation by HMRC. Monty who has won the hearts of millions across the UK has starred in many high profile TV and movie roles.

Yorkshire born Monty, who spends 8 months out of the year at his villa in the Cayman Islands has been under surveillance for some time. The HMRC claim that Monty, the son of a cotton merchant, has undeclared earnings this year in excess of £16 million, the bulk of this coming from his recent role in the Penguins Of Madagascar movie. We called Monty at his Notting Hill home on Monday, but his PA told us that he was unavailable for comment.

After a few internet searches we uncovered that not only is Monty an accomplished actor but that he also has a large equity portfolio managed by his offshore company “Haddock Inc” with interests in shipping, aerospace, and custard. Public records show that in 2013 Monty transferred 83 million US dollars to a Swiss bank, he also bought a new Breville bread maker.

A spokesman for the HMRC told us “There’s something fishy about this slippery bastard.”

If Monty has touched your heart, and you think that the HMRC are blood sucking Nazis that should leave the cute little guy alone then please share this post with the hashtag #montyisinnocent