New Mobile Museum Announces: ‘The History of Glue Sniffing’ Exhibition

New Mobile Museum Announces: ‘The History of Glue Sniffing’ Exhibition

glue sniffing exhibition

Eccentric St.Helens millionaire and convicted fraudster Trevor Sutton has announced the launch of his latest Exhibition: ‘The History of Glue Sniffing’ and has come under horrific fire from art and culture critics and officials.

A specially commissioned docudrama style, short film, depicts the rise in popularity for ‘Hoofing’ and ‘bagging’ in St.Helens, from the early seventies and follows the trend right through to modern day ‘Glue heads.’

Andrew Shearback from the British Culture Division of Britain complained that ‘’ The film is set on a bias in the fact that it focuses on the glamour of glue sniffing and the so called appeal of it’s celebrity life style and playboy image. It just doesn’t show the dark side of glue sniffing, where people have the bag stuck to their snouts because the glue has set. These poor people are left with permanent scars, like glue beards. That’s why so many celebrities, actors and weather girls have faded into obscurity from our screens.

The film is directed by local artist Adrian De la Touche and sound tracked by St.Helens band ‘The Eyeballs’

Sally Fringe from St.Helens Arts and Craft shop pointed out that: ‘The film completely jars with the rest of the museums artefacts, it just doesn’t fit in with what else is on show.’

The St.Helens based mobile museum is one of a kind and completely unique but is unlikely to catch on according to experts, who slammed it as a ‘dismal folly’ and a ‘rich mans wank toy.’ Although the last comment is completely fabricated, it was something that an expert might and should say.

The Mobile Museums launch has suffered a set back however, and the new launch date is set for 2th of September. “I encountered a number of problems in the initial test run of the museum” lamented Mr. Sutton, the museums owner and curator. “I took her out for a test run and found that some of the casing that houses the artefacts was not secure. This was brought to light as I turned the first corner out of the workshop and heard an almighty clatter bang. Much to my dismay, I found the entire collection of ancient clay pipes from EBay, shattered, and the entire collection of Saints programmes completely out of category.’’

To add insult to injury, Mr Sutton was found to be three times over the legal drink drive limit by the Police and was banned from driving for twelve months.


Story by Martin Whatever