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North Korea To Make Movie About Sony

Reliable sources indicate that North Korea are funding a new movie called ‘The Playstation’. We believe that the initial plot was based around Sony devices that are secretly helping people to have fun, the dastardly scheme is uncovered by the Hero Kim Jong-un, played by Kim Jong-un who foils the evil electronics giants plan by organising a full scale nuclear attack on the Sony HQ.

We understand from scriptwriters that the leader was advised to calm the fuck down and consider a non holocaust type ending and so as far as we know the final cut will instead show the North Korean leader kicking the shit out of the entire Sony board members.

A spokesman for North Korea told our reporter “Kim is good man, he will stop all the evil, he will kick shit out of Sony and save world”

The movie is due for release next summer and is expected to be sold in baskets at fuel station tills for 99p.