Lady Gaga in Morrisons

Lady Gaga was spotted on Thursday in Morrisons Supermarket on Baxters lane, Gaga, recently back home in St Helens after a Gig in Spain...
takeaway menus

St Helens Takeaways In Eco Row

Takeaways in St Helens have been at the centre of a political debate this week following the shocking revelation that over 80% of the...

Steve Jobs Educated in Parr

We have it from an unreliable source that the late Steve Jobs 'may' have been educated in his early years at Allanson St School...

Demonstration Planned

Local Historians will be holding a peaceful demonstration in Church Sq this Saturday in support of their "Bring back white dog shit" campaign
Man trapped st helens

Man Trapped

A St Helens man was trapped under a paste table on Wednesday for 4 hours before being rescued by his Son aged 11
Will-I-Am in St Helens

Will-i-am Invests in St Helens

Black Eyed Peas Rapper, DJ, Actor, Producer and Entrepreneur Will-I-am has been spotted looking for suitable business premises in the Borough this week. Anna...
Olympic Bid 2020

St Helens to Launch 2020 Olympic Bid

SCN have today learned that St Helens is to make a last minute bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games. A spokesperson from the...

Dr Evil Plans To Light Up The St Helens Sky

Dr Evil, owner of the Starbucks chain of coffee shops has asked St Helens council for their support in his bid to have a...