50 shades of grey St Helens

Fifty Shades Of Grey With Smellovision™

The long awaited Fifty Shades Of Grey hit UK cinemas a few days ago and the realism of the production has wowed cinema goers...
Russell Crowe St Helens

Russell Crowe To Rescue St Helens

Movie Legend and rugby club owner Russell Crowe has vowed to rescue St Helens and return it to it's former glory, New Zealand born...
taylor park st helens

Taylor Park To Welcome Back Grizzly Bear

The Friends of Taylor Park (FTP) yesterday welcomed the news that St. Helens Council have finally relented in the campaign to return the grizzly...
Wayne Rooney St Helens

Star Shrek – Rooney Sees Red At Local Cinema

Footballing superstar Wayne Rooney was left a little red faced yesterday when confusion over pal Steven Gerrard's next career move led to an embarrassing...
it's going to get messy

Over 25s Urged To Stop Using The Phrase “Going To Get...

People over the age of 25 are being urged to stop using the phrase "it's going to get messy" especially on social media. A spokesperson...
Dickie Flute

St Helens Actor Sir Dickie Flute Dead At 98

The entertainment world united in grief yesterday after it was announced that Hollywood legend Sir Dickie Flute had died aged 98. Twat Pack St Helens born...
pink bag wigan

Wigan Residents Up In Arms Over Pink Bag Invasion

A state of emergency has been called today by the authorities in Wigan. As a result of the high winds across the region, thousands...
Plastic Scouser

Plastic Scouser Toy Recalled

One of the most popular selling toys this Christmas is being recalled by the manufacturer. The 'Plastic Scouser' toy manufactured in China by the...
Back To Work After Christmas

Productivity Expected To Be Zero As Britain Goes Back To Work

Millions of workers go back to work today after spending the past couple of weeks gorging on mince pies and Advocat. Britain's bosses are...
Haydock Amateur Dramtics

Haydock Amateur Dramatics New Production About North Korea

Haydock Amateur Dramatics society have today announced a new production based around North Korea. The announcement comes just hours after Sony Pictures pulled the release...