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Plastic Scouser Toy Recalled

One of the most popular selling toys this Christmas is being recalled by the manufacturer. The ‘Plastic Scouser’ toy manufactured in China by the ‘Posh Wan Ker Corporation’ has been withdrawn from sale and is being recalled following a campaign by the Scouse Preservation Society who claim that the toy is completely inaccurate.

We spoke to a representative from the Society but we haven’t the slightest idea what he said! Instead, we contacted Trading Standards who told us “The toy in itself didn’t pose a problem however the manufacturer had included an option of a purple bin on the packaging which infuriated genuine Scousers, there was no other option but to order a recall”

Apparently, a purple wheelie bin is one of the few identifying marks of a true Scouser, only those living within the designated ‘Scouse’ area of Liverpool are lucky enough to possess one of these sought after pieces. On the black market a purple bin can change hands for thousands of pounds and to have one on the front of your house carries more clout than if you had a 3 series BMW convertible in its place .

Recently, a purple bin that Sir Paul McCartney once put an apple core in, sold at Sotheby’s for in excess of £25,000 to a mystery buyer from Rainhill.