The Property Market Needs Beautiful People

The Property Market Needs Beautiful People

ugly estate agents

As the UK Economy gets back on it’s feet, experts are worried that the property market may crash again unless the beautiful people return.

A spokesperson for the National Association of Estate Agents told our reporter “Being an Estate Agent was once a prestigious occupation. The industry attracted beautiful people, Estate Agents had movie star looks, fake tans and perfect teeth. When the recession hit all the pretty people left in their thousands, tempted by the riches of solar panel sales and a company Mercedes.”

Vile Creatures

He continued “All we have left now are hideous, smelly, almost offensive looking Estate Agents, devoid of style and taste, even their mothers couldn’t love them. It’s a real problem and it’s stopping people from walking into a property office to buy a new home. We are planning a marketing campaign to attract the beautiful people into the industry once again. We’re bringing sexy back to the housing market and it’s going to make the economy boom!”

The NAEA have set up a hotline, if you come across an ugly, hideous or just plain offensive Estate Agent then please report it as soon as possible. The NAEA apologises for any distress caused..

Please call 0800 UGLYAGENT