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Ross Kemp Uncovers St Helens Hardest Gangs

Hardman Ross Kemp has been in and around St Helens this week filming his award winning series “Ross Kemp on gangs”. Ross (49) said “I’m delighted to be in St Helens, I film in some right shit-holes and i must say this area is a fucking dump”.

Yoghurt Sandwiches

Ross who’s been shot at in Afghanistan, will meet the infamous “Parr Crew”and the “Haydock Boyz”
Kemp said “I’ve done my homework on these notorious gangs, watched countless Youtube videos and they are the dogs chunks”. He added “they think fuck all of setting fire to yellow plastic bins (the ones strapped to lamp posts). They all walk round with their trackies tucked in their socks and a hoodie is mandatory head-wear. In one video i can see them stealing a kerbside caddie and throwing it down a entry and then running off”

Arse Bandit

But Kemp almost got in trouble with the very first meeting with the leader of the Parr boyz, explained Gary Gobshite. Unemployed Gary (24, gang member, who rides a BMX that is two times smaller than him) said “Kemp asked the gang leader his name”, to which he replied “it’s Pee init”, Kemp immediately thought this was part of some kind of bizarre initiation ceremony and said “urinate into what” Pee then accused him of taking the piss and said he was gonna tell his older brother and his mam!

Ross has also spent time with the Haydock boyz “they’re crazy” said Kemp I caught up with them over King Georges Park (whilst posing like gangsters) for profile pictures on Facebook. One of the members walked straight up to me and said “will you go in the offy for me? I want 10 L&B a bottle of blue wicked and a 20p mix”
After a swig each of the wicked, head Haydock boyz gang member who goes by the name of NOB explained to Kemp the fierce rivally between Parr and Haydock, He said “the tensions are always high, so much so we’ve blocked ’em all on Facebook and if they wanna rumble we’ll have it out on the playground.

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Kemp Is planning to unite the rivalry gangs but on neutral ground. Gregson House was mentioned as a suitable place as they all sign on, on a Wednesday.


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