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Royal Baby To Be Named After St Helens Bakery

The newly born royal baby, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is to be named after a famous St Helens bakery. Internal sources indicate that after the birth, Kate looked at the new princess and declared “She’s lovely, she’s so scrumptious, just like a Pimbletts pie.”

Pimbletts pies were official suppliers to the British Monarchy for some years. It’s believed that Prince Philip used to look forward to munching on a steak pie and often used to send a then very young Prince Charles north in his Aston Martin on a Saturday morning to the College street bakery to get the family order.

A past employee of the famous bakery told SHCN “Charles would often call in on a Saturday morning with his order. He’d hand us a note that had been written by his father Prince Philip. He’d usually get a mixture of steak and meat and potato and usually he’d get half a dozen trifles and vanilla slices too. I used to give him a small sausage roll to eat on his way back to London, he was a lovely lad”

Kate, who once lived in Pocket Nook was also a fan of Pimbletts and it’s believed that she wept for six weeks solid when she heard of their demise.

A close friend of Kate told SHCN “Kate was inconsolable when Pimbletts closed it’s doors. She simply loved the pepper fix that she got from a meat and potato pie.” She cried herself to sleep for weeks on end and refused food saying that her taste buds were now dead, It comes as no surprise that Kate would want to call her new baby Princess Pimblett”

Official sources remain tight lipped this morning as the world waits for an announcement.

On behalf of St Helens we at SHCN are proud that the Royal family have a little bit of St Helens in them.