Simple 3 Bin System Proposed

Simple 3 Bin System Proposed

St Helens Bin Collections

Following on from the recent high winds that have left St Helens looking more like downtown Rio we at SHCN decided to carry out an experiment to find a waste collection solution better than the bag, caddy, box and bin system currently in operation in the town.

The Experiment

We posed the problem to pre school children. Granted, we cheated a little as the current system that utilises no less than 6 bags, bins and boxes was seemingly designed by someone with an IQ equal to that of a common garden slug. We called the experiment Total Waste Assessment Trial for St Helens or TWATS for short. The task that we gave to the children was simple, “Find the best solution for the collection of waste in St Helens” Naturally we knew that we had to keep the brief simple as we couldn’t press on such undeveloped minds, the need to consider cost, impact on the environment, H&S implications and resource pressures. On reflection however we decided that whoever had approved the existing scheme hadn’t given a flying fuck to these points either.

The Conclusion

It took the team of pre school children 2 bags of gummy bears, half a litre of Ribena, two potty breaks and and episode of Peppa pig to come up with a workable solution and here it is.

The simple 3 bin solution

Blue Bin

Paper, cardboard and any drink container (carton, bottles or cans)

Green Bin

Garden waste, food waste ( cooked and uncooked)

Brown/Black Bin

Anything else

St Helens Bin Collections

There you have it! No need for ridiculous pink trucks, no need to have armies of waste collectors working 19 hour days and risking their lives whilst loading the trucks. No more litter strewn streets, and no risk of the bubonic plague returning anytime soon.

What are your thoughts?