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St Helens Tax Office To Close

HMRC have announced that their offices on College St in St Helens will close in 2018.

A spokesperson for the HMRC told us “HMRC has too many expensive, isolated and outdated offices – this makes it difficult for us to collaborate, modernise our ways of working and make the changes we need to transform out service to customers and clamp down further on the minority who try to cheat the system.

The new regional centres in Liverpool and Manchester will bring our staff together in more modern and cost-effective buildings in areas with lower rents and proper good gyms.

They went on to say “You can rest assured HMRC still won’t be doing anything to pursue the large internet companies as it’s too much like hard work. Mrs Jackson from Blackbrook who works an average of 20 hours per week on a zero hour contract can hold her head high as she paid more tax last year than Facebook, everyone in the town seems to be paying tax as they should so there’s no use us having offices here any longer.”

It’s rumoured that the buildings on College St may be used for various things including an interesting new concept called ‘The Pound Emporium’, a magical multi storey department store where nothing costs more than a pound.