Home Business News St Helens Townsfolk To Receive Free Porsche Sports Car

St Helens Townsfolk To Receive Free Porsche Sports Car

Rumours are circulating that each of the towns citizens will soon be able to claim a free Porsche sports car.

The famous car manufacturer is based in Stuttgart, Germany, which just so happens to be twinned with St Helens. The initiative has been masterminded by a St Helens Council official who wishes to remain unnamed. It is understood that in return we’ll offer the citizens of Stuttgart a 60 second trolley dash around a choice of the many pound stores that our town is famous for and free admission to the World Of Glass museum.

We contacted the official town office of Stuttgart for more details but we think the line had a fault as the call kept ending. From there we contacted the HQ of Porsche AG, after a short time we were put through to someone from international relations. We’re not entirely sure what he said as it was all in German but according to Google translate we think it was either. “it will be a present from our heart” or “kiss the fattest part of my arse”.