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Why Do We Have Eggs At Easter?

In an attempt to get an answer to this ever popular question we invited several members of the cloth to a small meeting and whilst there we asked them all the same question

“Why do we give eggs at Easter?”

At first things looked promising, there was talk of eggs not being allowed in Church during lent (for no apparent reason, perhaps the same as gays, unmarried mothers, divorcees etc) and so as chickens aren’t known to be of any religious disposition they kept on laying.¬†When lent was over these eggs were used to feast on. We can only imagine just how bad the stench in church was on this day!

One minister then announced that this story was bollocks and he went on to explain that decorated eggs actually predated christianity. He also suggested that eggs have been used in Pagan ceremonies long before the Catholic church claimed ownership. This resulted in a lot of hand wringing, gesticulating and hail Marys.

Our reporter¬†can’t recall if he was struck by a lightning bolt at this point or if he simply fell asleep due to extreme boredom.

We suspect that during his bout of unconsciousness, he missed the theory that the church, in addition to having investment interests with major weapons manufacturers, also have substantial investments in chocolate.

It’s anybodies guess as to where the Easter bunny comes into it? Maybe that will be in the forthcoming 3rd testament?

Happy Easter