Wigan Residents Up In Arms Over Pink Bag Invasion

Wigan Residents Up In Arms Over Pink Bag Invasion

pink bag wigan
A satellite view of Wigan showing the extent of the pink bag crisis

A state of emergency has been called today by the authorities in Wigan. As a result of the high winds across the region, thousands of pink recycling bags from neighbouring town St Helens have been carried on the breeze and deposited in Wigan blocking most of the main road and rail routes in and out of the town.

A Wigan MBC spokesperson told us “This is something the likes of which we’ve never seen before! Our telephone lines are jammed, our road and rail routes are at a standstill and the whole town looks like Katie Price’s laundry basket.” He continued “What is wrong with St Helens council? Who puts rubbish in a bag? a fucking pink bag at that! Seriously? You couldn’t make this shit up! What a bunch of twats!”

Whilst the bean counters at St Helens MBC may have been laughing last year having thought they’d saved hundreds of thousands by choosing a series of bags over a blue bin, it’s thought that they’ll soon be counting the cost of the Wigan clean up and the cost of replacing countless bags.

Meanwhile, news that Wigan has turned pink overnight is trending on Twitter.