Wind Proof Recycling Bag Invented

Wind Proof Recycling Bag Invented

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SHCN are pleased to be the first to report that St Helens council have listened to the problems that the recycling bags have caused and have spent weeks in brainstorm meetings to come up with a solution.

Wind Proof Recycling Bag

The brief was simple, design a cheap container that will hold recyclable materials, is cheap to produce, resistant to wind and rain and is easily cleaned.

The think tank assembled in the town hall for a total of 90 hours at the end of which they’d successfully

wind proof bag
An artists impression of the new windproof bag

designed a wind proof recycling bag.

The specification of the new wind proof bag is as follows:

  • 120 litre
  • made from a rigid material, possible plastic
  • wheels at the rear for ease of mobility
  • a hinged lid to promote hygiene

It does seem as if the council who have up to now received abuse for their half arsed recycling scheme have really “pulled one out of the bag” this time.

On hearing the news of the new windproof bag, a spokesman for Wigan council issued the following statement: “It’s a bin, it’s a fucking bin!”